Finishing Cockpit Interior?

I am working on a Mill Creek 13 which is my first stitch and glue boat.  I just finished gluing the interior seams and applying 2 coats of epoxy.  I don't see any mention of finishing the interior in the Build Manual.  Doesn't the cockpit at a minimum need sanding and some paint or varnish for UV protection?

Seems like now is the time to do it if it is necessary because of ease of access to the interior of the boat.

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RE: Finishing Cockpit Interior?

Did you tape the seams?  Do the end pours?  Other than 3 coats of epoxy that is all required.  Yes it is a good time to sand.  Especially any sharp edges. UV is not a big worry in the cockpit.  But I use my left over varnish by using it in the interior.  I put my foot braces in before I add the deck. 


RE: Finishing Cockpit Interior?

Yes, I did tape the seams and I plan to do end pours.  So, it sounds like a little sanding and varnish in the cockpit might be a good thing.


RE: Finishing Cockpit Interior?

After sanding out any bumps and rough spots inside the cockpit and end compartments on my Shearwater s&g I slopped on a quick coat of varnish and it made a big difference in appearance. Whether you need it for UV protection or not, it will look a lot more finished. Don't be too fussy about the sanding though.

RE: Finishing Cockpit Interior?

Yes, I put two epoxy coats in the cockpit and two coats of varnish(semi-gloss). I just put the second epoxy coat on the deck, tonight. I'll install the coaming on Monday. My Mill Creek 13 finish is Varnished Walnut stain on deck,and Medium Tan painted Hull. I built some secret shelves under the deck on each side, for some candy bars or what ever. I just could not let the space go to waste.

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