Parking lot syndrome

My name is jon and i have Parking lot syndrome.

i think i can have a full and productive life knowing i have parking lot syndrome.

I stopped at the market today with the new Wood Duck-12 on the roof of the Explorer. as i exited the building i noticed a small crowd gathered around my vehicle. this is not an odd thing i did have a swarm of bees decide my wheel well was a good place to start a hive and the crowd for that event was more of a mob. The senior walking group was oohing and aahing, pointing and carrying on. I immidiately becoame alarmed, knowing the 2-pints of icream would surley melt before i had finished my lecture on substituting scarf joints for home made puzzle joints, epoxy resin mixtures, okoume plywood, and sanding late into the evenings. it took 15-minutes and they went away well informed. and the ice cream made it home in time.

Parking lot syndrome can strike at any time and without notice. Red lights, 70-mph on the freeway, but the most likely at a local boat ramp.

for you new boat builders be prepared with your message, smile, make eye contact and move on.

I fully expect the Chesapeake Bay area to be fully engaged with Parking lot syndrome this weekend. for those attending Okoumefest you may catch a good case of Parking lot syndrome, and there is no cure.



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RE: Parking lot syndrome

Just got my new fancy smancy roof rack installed so no longer deathly afraid to take my duck (soon to be ducks) for a car ride. So I fear I may be exposed to this syndrome sometime in the very near future...

I did however already have a similar bout with the dock-stop bug. On the maiden voyage I found myself paddling along dock to dock to dock stopping to talk to fellow lake dwellers about the very same topics.

...but all in all it's good to hear that the ice cream pulled through!

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