sailing rig for the kayak deck

anyone use this device

and recommend it??

the most fun i have ever had in a kayak

was on an alaskan adventure...

we paddled out and saw humpbacks, walrus and killer whales.

to top it off, on the return trip the wind picked up

and gave us a perfect tailwind back for 10 miles or so...

i pulled the hatch covers out and attached one above each

paddle blade...smooth sailing!

--makes me think this deck rig

might help relive some of that fun!

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RE: sailing rig for the kayak deck

I think you are talking about a spinaker sail???  If so, then yes they work very well as long as you remember to take them on windy days. LOL  Once I even remembered to take it, pulled it out, flipped it up, and the wind died right then.  I am talking gusts of 20mph to NOTHING!  That was over 2 years ago, and my girlfriend still laughs when I dig it out.  I now have 2 of them for sale.  LOL


RE: sailing rig for the kayak deck



If you're really counting on downwind only, like the above account, it's awfully dicey.  Ten miles of wind at your back - and where you want to go is a dream thats not often coming.  More true to life for some odd reason is the wind seems to know which way your bow is pointing then hits it!  A little caveat of a spinaker sail all by itself instead of an upwind rig.  If you dont need to turn back into the wind to get home - fine. If you do, you'll find that in all the fun, that spinaker sail has now created the paddle back home from hell.  Its easy enough to fall into theis trap with just the wind blowing on your back and waves helping you along. Add a sail and it seems you're really asking for it on the way home.



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