Dressing for Okoumefest

According to AccuWeather, it should be about the same as last year (which started out a bit cool and soggy around the edges, then turned absoultely perfect in the afternoon), but breezier. The water temperature is currently in the low 60's. So dress in layers, bring a windbreaker and hats and bring your cool-ish paddling gear. Looks like it'll be a great day for sailing, too.

SInce this is a 5-day advance forescast, your mileage may vary.

See everyone there,



High: 70°F RealFeel®: 70°F
Intervals of clouds and sunshine

Winds: WNW at 12mph
Wind Gusts: 23 mph
Max UV Index: High (7)
Thunderstorm Probability: 22%
Amount of Precipitation: 0.00in
Amount of Rain: 0.00in
Amount of Snow: 0.0in
Hours of Precipitation: 0 Hrs
Hours of Rain: 0 Hrs
Hours of Daylight: 14.1 Hr


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RE: Dressing for Okoumefest

Sounds like some good sailing weather. You bringing the duck and the HMS Psoriasis? I'll be at CLC around noonish on Friday. Hope to see you there.


RE: Dressing for Okoumefest

Is Friday nights banquet black tie?


RE: Dressing for Okoumefest


Yes, so rub lots of graphite into it.

RE: Dressing for Okoumefest

Sad to say i will not be making the trip from Vancouver WA, to enjoy the okoumefestivities. i will honor the pagentry however by paddling to the middle of my favorite lake, point the bow of my new WD-12 to the east. and give a hearty thanks to CLC for another year of service and boatbuilding support. enjoy the fun.



RE: Dressing for Okoumefest


Is that a 10:1 Ratio mix for the tie? Or does that depend on what you plan to eat at the banquet?





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