The first scratch

Well over the weekend after spending the last 6 month working on my latest build, an Eider double with a hybrid deck. After putting the last of the deck hardware on and washing it. I had it setting on my PCV stand in the driveway. When one on the legs on the stand broke. It dropeed on one of the pieces from the broken leg and ended up with a one inch crack in the back storage compartment. You just never know when the first scratch is going to happen. I never through it would be in the drive way.

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RE: The first scratch

Well now you can put it in the water without worries about the first one sneaking up on you.  Just make sure it is sealed before it gets wet.

When I was test driving my truck, I crunched the front fender on a parking bullard I didn't see, the following morning I signed the papers and owned a truck I paid more for than I did my house.  3 years later and I still have that dent... it reminds me to be humble.


RE: The first scratch

I do feel your pain, but now you have "broken" the seal... and all is good from here on out. :)

RE: The first scratch

I had the same thing happen to my kayak when the wood stand glue joint let go and a wing nut on the stand put an inch long fracture in the glass just below the shearline on the side. I was putting the last coat of varnish on at the time.

Pics of it here happened on April 15th about 3/4 down the page.

Sorry I haven't firured out how to add pics to a post on this forum yet.

The scratch made the glass go white I tryed re coating it with epoxy but it's too deep so I left it and finished the varnish. Now the boat has a bunch of lesser scratches from the sand on the paddle being shoved under the deck rigging and shells at the beach on the bottom. All of them will go away with the next coat of varnish except the first that will be a grind out and re-epoxy.

I like you expected my first scratch from a rock under water or loading it on top of my SUV overhead LOL.

RE: The first scratch

 I know what you mean about first scratches...  My PMD got "scratched" by an angry/insane wife... 

 I'll touch it up one of these days...

RE: The first scratch

No worries! That'll buff right out!


Ogata (eric)

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