Pre-Kote Primer

I am at the stage where I am preparing to paint the hull of of my Shearwater 17 S&G. I plan to use the sea green color for the hull and varnish on the deck. When I ordered the primer I neglected to specify I wanted gray instead of white. I think I will be safe using the white but have a concern any little chip or scrape in the paint will show up as white, and I will end up with a bunch of white specks and spots all over the hull. Has anyone used white primer with a dark color as opposed to the gray, or am I making too much of this. I have also been told if I add tint that might affect the proprities of the paint and/or primer. Thanks, Mark

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RE: Pre-Kote Primer

I've used the white and white top coat so I can't speak to the exact concern you have.  But I will give these thoughts.  With either the white or the grey, you are going to have a different color showing if only the top coat chips.  My hope would be that the paint will not chip.  It's stronger than a typical house paint.  You could always put an extra layer of paint on if you want.  And lastly, it's on the bottom of the boat.  Unless you plan to show everyone how long you can stay under water while doing a roll, I would think most people would not see it.  You're probably the only person that would notice.  (And be bottered by it.)  Everyone will be so fascinated with you and the top side of the boat that they could care less about the bottom.  That's just me.  I think things should be used, and look like it.  I say paint it, and get out on the water!!

Laszlo may know better about tinting.  My guess would be it shouldn't affect the properties...may depend on what you use to tint.

Don't know if I was any help.. .Jerry S

RE: Pre-Kote Primer

I am in process of painting the sides on my second duck and tinted the white primer blue (painting dark blue) 

So far I have had no problems in regards to coating/covering and the subsequent coats of paint have adhered nicely.

It obviously hasn't had the chance to stand the test of time yet, but so far I haven't noticed any changes or encountered any problems.

I am using the Interlux Pre-Kote and Interlux Brightsides

RE: Pre-Kote Primer

I suppose all of us like to admire our finished product but,  as you suggest,  the point is to use the boat. I plan on using mine frequently and no doubt will get some dings, scratches, etc. I will proceed with the white primer so I can get it finished and out on the water as soon as possible. I really don't think it will make much difference but wanted a little confirmation before I went ahead. I plan to start painting this Friday so unless anyone else advises otherwise I'll get going on it. I apprecite your input.

RE: Pre-Kote Primer

I used un-tinted white primer under Jade Green paint on my Jimmy Skiff, and do not regret it two years later.  When I finished sanding the primer, there was not really that much of it left on the boat anyway.  The primer is there to fill minor imperfections, more than for providing a bond surface.

Scratches from using the boat do show, they probably would no matter what colors you use, but that is okay. I would rather know where I need to touch-up than to have deep scratches that I can't see, letting water into the fiberglass and wood.

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