Portage yoke

I built a chesapeeake 17 many years ago and am looking to see if anyone has built or has plans for a portage yoke for this boat. 



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RE: Portage yoke

I have a Chessapeak light 17.  It balances right about at the widest point of the cockpit where the hip pads are.  I took a piece of foam and carved it to fit my shoulder on one side and the edge of the cockpit on the other.  Just press it into place, sling the thing up and rest the pad on my shoulder with the boat on its side and my shoulder more or less in the cockpit.  The hand on the same side can grab the reinforcing bar in front of the cockpit under the deck or the foot brace and keep it balanced front to back.  Works for moderate distances and keeps my head out where I can see.  I thing in the small cockpit you would have a hard time seeing with my head all the way in.


RE: Portage yoke

At one time someone marketed a portaging frame for kayaks. Of  course, the big problem is seeing where you are going. The answer was a packframe with a couple of extentions on top that got the boat a bit above eye level. Don't think it ever caught on.

I bought a Wheeleez cartwhich covers most situations I am likely to face.

RE: Portage yoke

i've been using a portage device the last few years

that is kayak specific

and works great:


i have photo of my daughter's west river 18

and the portage device strapped on

from yesterday, but can't seem to post it!

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