Cleaning/Bleaching Plywood

I bought a Mill Creek Kit in 2002 and finally have some free time to start it (ain't unemployment grand?!).  The project is coming along nicely.

However, I had the kit stored in my garage and now there is some mildew, dirt, mouse droppings etc, etc. on the plywood.  I'm painting the hull, so stains are not an issue there, but I want to keep the deck bright.  How best can I clean up the decks?  I'm tempted to try some wood bleach, but thought I would ask first.

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RE: Cleaning/Bleaching Plywood

You have several problems here.  Any liquid you use will raise the grain and make plywood fuzzy.  Some chemicals will affect the glue as much as the wood it's self.

Bleach will kill the mold, but it wont remove the stain, TSP might work better for you.  Anything you use I would test on a piece of scrap.

So if you want to be picky, I see 2 options, 1) replace the ply with new. 2) use a water based stain to blend the existing watermarks in.

I once stained a cherry mantle with Dr. Pepper because of a spill, and everyone loves the color.  Been 25 years like that.


RE: Cleaning/Bleaching Plywood

Have you tryed dry sanding it yet?

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