Sheer Clamps


  I was getting ready to glue my sheer clamps to my Chesapeake 16LT when I noticed that they are not straight. You can see in the picture below that they curve right after the scarf joint. Is this going to be a problem?  I am worried that the side panels of the hull are going to conform to the curve in the sheer clamp.

sheer clamps 

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RE: Sheer Clamps


I ran into the same situation on my Shearwater hybrid.  One of the pieces of sheer clamp material had quite a twist.  Not the best material I would have hoped for, but I decided to live with it.  It took a bit of clamping force to get it lined up but it did not distort the plywood as far as I could tell. Those panels are all wired up, epoxied and glassed now with no ill effects.  I have installed the deck forms and all is nicely fair and ready for stripping the deck.  So clamp those puppies up and forge ahead.


RE: Sheer Clamps

Thanks Pual,

  That is good to know. I will go ahead and continue.


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