Hole in the Hull

Driving back from the coast, a lawnmower shot what must have been a large carriage bolt just over my family's heads and into the bottom of my Chesapeake 17. The head of the bolt penetrated the hull just under the front hatch and left about 2" of threadmarks below the hole.

I'm looking for advice on the fix. My current plan is to apply epoxy in the hole to seal the wood and mix with wood flour to fill any remaining gap. Then I was going to start the sanding, glassing and varnishing routine. Any other suggestions?


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RE: Hole in the Hull

What is the diameter of the hole if it is Small1/4" or less your plan seems ok,if larger we would recomend at least glass cloth on the inside before the fill and sand routine best bet would be to fit a ply filler then glass inside and out, I know it sounds like a lot of work but you need to keep the hull's watertight integrity after all the work you did to build her

RE: Hole in the Hull

The hole on the outside is about 3/16 x 3/8 and affected area is about 1/4" x 1/2". There is shredded wood on the edges and inside. What do you mean by 'ply filler'? Are you saying to insert a piece of okume or applying the wood flour and epoxy in layers? Thank you for the recommendation to glass the inside.

RE: Hole in the Hull

Ouch, it hurts when our babies get wounded. 

Perhaps this is the time for an artistic cutout, an oval, diamond or fish shape to get back to clean wood.  feather the edge of the opening, fit a new piece of contrasting wood (or same color if you want to hide hole), glue it in and then epoxy with glass inside and out.  A lot of work but it should be as strong as the origional when done.

 You could always do a quick patch and then clean and redo during the off season.

good luck,   Ed

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