Mystery boat

Not mine, click on pictures for larger image.




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RE: Mystery boat

It's a dory.

It's glued lap plywood.

It's a double-ender.

It's got the biggest outwales I've seem and the guy that bent them must have been a brute.

Would you settle for something similar or do you want a rock solid ID?


RE: Mystery boat

If I had to give an answer, I would say she's S/N 5-641-D, built in spring of '59 before the original shop burned down, unless the pins holding the trannel flanges to the inwales (which are not visible in the photo) are bronze, in which case it's the 5-701-B.

I'm really glad I don't, though.  I don't like making up stuff like this at all.

Anyway, good luck, Lasz.  If the owner cannot be found within 90 days, she's yours and you don't have to put her back in the driveway you took her from.

RE: Mystery boat

This looks a lot like the CLC Northeaster Dory.

RE: Mystery boat

I think Casey's right...


RE: Mystery boat

You guys are correct. It is indeed a Northeaster Dory, an NE Dory, not just any dory. Turns out that there's one under construction that's not being built in the CLC shop.

Charlie, wait until you see the "brute" who bent thos rubrails :-)



RE: Mystery boat

Here's the brute....

RE: Mystery boat

Some people are like a fine wine - 40 years in the barrel works wonders.

RE: Mystery boat

Hey Laszlo,

Thanks, I guess, for posting the semi-current pic of me. I just hope there's not enough resemblence that people think the first one is actually me.

Had a great time at the Gulf Coast Small Craft Festival. Jack, who named the NE Dory and gets a free set of plans, was there and had a nice chat with him. A couple of other CLC fans were there as well. Looking foreard to O'Fest in a few weeks.

Here's the semi-finished dory at the show. Still needs another coat of paint, 4 more coats of varnish and the sail rig completed.



Not a bad looking boat.

George K

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