petrel cockpit

 I am building a Petrel from a kit, I've finished striping the hull and started laying out the deck. With the kit came a plywood cut out for the cockpit, the instructions say to strip up to the plywood, leaving it visable. What happens if I notch out the 9 & 10 forms so the plywood is flush with the top of the forms and strip over the plywood. I can than use the plywood as a guide to cut out the cockpit. Thanks, Rod


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RE: petrel cockpit

I stripped over the whole deck,the stripping is tricky on the Petrel deck, and just used the plywood as a template to cut out the cockpit. I did not want the look of plywood. I did use 3/8 wiggle board for the coming, and it worked out well. I used a piece of 3/8 Manilla line to form the lip. It looks neat, but using the line took a lot of extra filling with resin. I hope to be getting wet next month. It has been a great first build for my 16 yr old son and myself. We are already planning the next !

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