Osprey Triple Kayak by Pygmy Boats with a CLC sail Rig?

I'd like to add a CLC sailing rig to my kayak. I'm getting to the final stages of construction and just wondering what parts of the boat might be a good idea to add some extra layers of glass. I'm gettiing close to closing up the hull. The construction diary up to now is posted here:


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RE: Osprey Triple Kayak by Pygmy Boats with a CLC sail Rig?

g'day Bavarian - I sneaked a look at the motorcycling content of your site - reminded me of when I rode my R1200GS on a 15,000 k circumnavigation of Oz!   Happy days.

RE: Osprey Triple Kayak by Pygmy Boats with a CLC sail Rig?

You don't need to do anything special prior to bonding deck to hull. After the deck is on, you will create some hanging knees using thickened epoxy and tape where the akas contact the deck. The CLC plans detail this. One consideration is the eyebolt attachment. My impression is that the CLC plans sort of presume you will  be placing the bolts through the shear clamps. Pygmy boats don't use shear clamps and there is a lot of stress at this attachment point so you should put some longitudinal reinforcing in there. Double or triple up the tape joint or put in some chine logs, long enough to distribute the forces over a wide area.

One other thing. I don't know if you've cut your cockpit holes yet but one thing you really need to pay attention to is the distance between the cockpits. I've got a CLC Triple, which is one foot longer than the Pygmy Triple, and there is barely paddling room when the Sailrig is on the boat. I would absolutely make sure you have enough room and set cockpits further fore and aft if not.

RE: Osprey Triple / CLC sail Rig?

Thanks for posting a reply. I haven't bought the kit yet. I wanted to put the boat together first and get a paddling season in. Besides, not the best time to pull the trigger on big $$$ items especially with the Canadian funny money compared to the US dollar! Thanks for the tips, I've printed them out and added them to my file folder. The cockpits come alreday cut out. I'm just working on finishing them today. I'll need to update my web pages soon as the pics are adding up! :) Click on pic for my build pages so far...

coaming osprey triple kayak

RE: Osprey Triple / CLC sail Rig? (Try again with pic!)

osprey triple kayak build pages

RE: Osprey Triple Kayak by Pygmy Boats with a CLC sail Rig?

Have talked to these guys with sailing rigs the rudder needs to be beefy like 300% bigger and a lot stronger on the attachment point on the hull. Something to reinforce inside the hull before attaching the deck for sure.

Marks blog. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=111522&id=799000466&l=8e3fa29ae4

One of the CLC rigs I really admire Caseys workmanship on this one he is having the rudder problems.


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