Graphite rubstrip along the Sheerline ??

Hello fellow boat lovers and builders.  I am finishing up my Shearwater 17, and am excited beyond words to get this thing on the water!!  I built my Shearwater to be more or less bombproof (one of the great whitewater phrases).  I used a great deal more glass on this build than the majority of kit builders out there, and I intend to put a two coats of graphite-epoxy mix on the bottom panels and entire length of the Keel. 

This got me to thinking about the Sheerline of the boat.  I am specifically thinking about rubbing along the sheerline around the cockpit from the paddle.  This can occur just while paddling (i tend to use an extremely vertical forward stroke when practicing Tabata sprints) but I am sure the sheerline will take some abuse while practicing rolls and sculling braces. 

In keeping with my "bombproof" build, I was considering putting a layer of graphite-epoxy 1/2" on either side of the sheerline, at least around the cockpit area.  I'm not concerned about asthetics as much, I built this thing to boat and abuse more than to show off.  Also I will be using a black paint scheme on the hull and around the first inch all the way around the deck.  I credit that to those graphic pictures in the CLC catalog I often find myself daydreaming about.  But I digress...

I'm curious if anyone has witnessed any concerns with the wear or abrasion all the sheerline of any builds they've done, and if they think this will be a worthwhile precaution.  I'm likely to give it a try anyways, but just wanted to throw it out there for feedback.

Oh, and weight isn't a huge concern.  I will be happy with anything under 52 lbs, as my whitewater creek boat weighs somewhere around 60 lbs, and I've carried that thing down some treacherous paths in grand ol' Appalachia.  50 lbs 17' boat...?  Thats featherweight IMO.

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RE: Graphite rubstrip along the Sheerline ??

G'day Zaknafien.  

I'm avidly collecting as much info and experiences as I can about the Shearwaters, as I will be starting on mine (from plans, not kit) a little later.   I too had thought about the possible rubbing and general denting of the deck areas adjacent to the cockpit, although the tumblehome of the sheer panels should minimise this.   With the Shearwaters, I imagine damage is most likely along the upper join/ chine between the deck and the top of sheer sheer panel, and the lower join/ chine between the bottom of sheer panel and hull sides.   My intended solution is simply to put a length of that self-adhesive non-skid embossed plastic along each of these edges, for the appropriate length, either side of the cockpit where the paddle shaft may hit.   This material is tough, cheap, available (here) in black or white (which will suit your intending painting application), and comes in at least two widths, 1 1/2 inches and 1 inch.

In fact, I'm going to do this straight away to my newly-launched Chesapeake 17LT as I already find some little dents along the hull side/ deck join!   I'll use the white tape as it will suit my colour scheme, but black looks OK on timber finishes too (see photos on this Forum under Sneak Preview).

Good luck - and enjoy...


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