Adding Reef Points to Lug Rig


I have the Skerry with Lug Rig.  The sail has one line of reef points and reef lines pre-installed.  I'm going to be participating in a race where two sets of reef points are required.  Does anyone have any suggestions for hardware, procedures, instructions, etc. for adding a second set of reef points to my sail?

It seems like the basic idea is, I would put another set of grommets at the luff and leech, but have never worked with sails or sailcloth before and so it seems intimidating. Unlike the wood parts, which can be fixed with glue and more wood, the sail feels complicated.

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RE: Adding Reef Points to Lug Rig will have everything you need.

I used spur grommet #4 nickel with die set:

This is a very permanent and professional looking installation but a bit pricey.

You could also use their jiffy grommets but it's much more of a steampunk look, but much cheaper solution.

RE: Adding Reef Points to Lug Rig

There's also nothing wrong with taking it to a local loft. Adding reefpoints is usually cheap and quick.



RE: Adding Reef Points to Lug Rig

When we realized that the lug sail for our Passagemaker Dinghy had no reef points (we had assumed one, but they were optional as it turned out), we arranged through CLC to send the sail to Doug Fowler, who built the sail in the first place.  Since we were going to that trouble and expense (not that it was terribly expensive), we spent a bit more to have a second row put in as well.  First class work done in a timely fashion by a crackerjack sailmaker.


RE: Adding Reef Points to Lug Rig

Following up to answer the question, I contacted the sailmaker (Douglas Fowler) who said he would add the Reef Points + tie-ups but I had to pay through CLC, which was fine with me.  I had the extra points added to two lug sails - one white, and one "tanbark" (aka reddish) for $200 total including shipping.

RE: Adding Reef Points to Lug Rig

Thank you for the follow-up.  We rarely get any resolution to questions posed on the forum. 

Personally, I would've choked on that price as it's around the cost of an entire sail kit from Sailrite.  For less than half of that, I bought the tools and supplies to do it myself and I still have extra grommets and the anvil kit. 

Of course, yours probably looks a lot more professional than mine and it wasn't on your To Do List, plus I don't have a good place to lay the sail down on the ground where I can hammer the grommets in without getting motor oil on the sail, etc.  Each to his own.  There's definitely more than one way to skin any given cat.  That's what makes this forum so great.

RE: Adding Reef Points to Lug Rig

One could also consider it as "for double the price of the tools he received the skills of a professional who has spent his whole life doing this kind of work and also has a warranty".



RE: Adding Reef Points to Lug Rig

   So if an offshore gale comes up during the Everglades Challenge, my reef points fail, and I get blown all the way to West Africa, I'd be able to ask for a refund?

RE: Adding Reef Points to Lug Rig

I thought hard about buying the tools and almost did it, but Mr. Fowler described how he would install a row of tie-ups, and also use new patches of sailcloth to reinforce where the grommets go; and then I was sold.  

If I am going to be blown to West Africa, I wouldn't want the sail to get all ripped up because I failed to reinforce my grommets!

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