Small knot holes in strips


I’m working on the strip version of the petrel play. I just noticed that there are some small holes in the middle of several Nogal strips. The largest probably the diameter of a toothpick. They do go all the way through. Is it okay to just let these go? I could probably just put some silica/epoxy mix in them later.




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RE: Small knot holes in strips

If it helps here is a pic:Knot holes in Nogal Peruvian Walnut   

RE: Small knot holes in strips

if the strip doen't break when you bend it into's not going to be a structural issue.   

and yes, some silica thickened epoxy...or better yet, a 'woodflour' epoxy made with sawdust from a piece of nogal would be a smart idea to fill in the holes prior to glassing will ensure you don't end up with little air-bubbles.

another way to fill in hole like this a a bit of woodglue in the hole....wait a minute or two (the glue is starting to harden but is not totally dry) and then lightly sand over the creates a putty that matches the adjacent wood and is good for little gaps and holes.

just make sure, regardless of the technique, that you clean up the excess before it sets.  you are only trying to fill the hole....not leave a coating of material adjacent to the hole that you then need to try to sand off later.

i have built several strips so learning how to clean up little imperfections is a fun part of building your skills.

all the best, 




RE: Small knot holes in strips

   h, thanks for the advice!

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