Removing varnish from BrightSides paint

I'm finishing up my Eastport Pram build (3yrs in the making) and have a few runs of varnish that got onto my nice white paint.  Using Schooner varnish and Brightsides for paint. 

Any ideas on how to remove the varnish without ruining my brand new paint job?  I've been looking around and have seen people say a very light rubbing compound.  Also saw someone using turpentine to remove varnish from artwork.  

Please Help!!!  


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RE: Removing varnish from BrightSides paint

   They are both oil based and chemically similar- no solvent is going to attack the varnish without also doing damage to the paint.

So, scrape the bulk of the varnish drips off with a razor or cabinet scraper, sand the rest if needed, touch up the paint with thinned paint and feathered edges, wetsand with 320-400-600 grit, then buff with rubbing compound and then polish to re-establish sheen.

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