Sanding safety

I just splurged and bought a Festool dust collector and sander.  For those of you who use dust collection systems when sanding wood or epoxy, do you also continue to use respirators as well?



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RE: Sanding safety

Sure! Why not, when the hazards of particulate inhalation or effects of chemicals foreign to our mucous membranes is both a nuisance as well as well-documented?  

RE: Sanding safety

Those puppies are nice, way outside my income level. Not that I am jealous or anything…. During my build one day, I forgot to put my mask on. I was just doing a little bit of hand sanding, I just spaced the mask. I felt like I had a cold for several days after. I would say, even with your very nice tool, use the mask.

I wish I had found this before I built my boat, not after. . I had a lot of trouble with my mask and my reading glasses. This would have solved that little problem. Oh well, if I am ever graced with the opportunity to build another boat. I’ll get one.


RE: Sanding safety

   Many thanks!

RE: Sanding safety

That respierator is an excelent idea for those of us with beards. The only thing I might want to change is to make it compatible with the uniquitous 3M filters.

Thanks for sharing that, Mikeflys!

RE: Sanding safety


I have a short beard but this 3M resperator still does a good job for me:

Like Mikeflys, I've forgotten to use it briefly & really noticed a difference. I have mild seasonal allergies & use it while mowing my couple of acres & it has helped me there, too.

Its pretty comfortable so I really don't see a reason not to use it even with a really good dust collection system in place. I use it when I'm sanding even when the tool is connected to my Dust Devil. I switch to organic vapor filters & use it with epoxy, as well.


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