west river 16

I started this boat about 6years ago. I am getting aroind to finishing just now. I think that I will need new epoxy and resin. I over sanded in a couple spots and I believe that I need to add more cloth and epoxy in those areas. The boat was soted in my garage on one of the harken slings that hang from the ceiling and has never been outdoors, but it looks like the resin has melted and ran down the side in one area?  Doers this make sense to anyone? Anyway looking forward to finally finishing and getting on the water this spring.

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RE: west river 16

It's  very unlikely that cured epoxy melted while being stored in a garage. Either the epoxy wasn't properly mixed initially and didn't cure and then ran or the properly mixed epoxy sagged after it was applied. Is the area in question as hard as the surrounding areas? If so, the epoxy is cured and only needs to be sanded. If it is soft then you need to remove the bad epoxy and glass and redo it.

As far as old epoxy goes, I'd mix up a small batch and see if it cures. If it does, you're good to go. The only problem I've ever had with old epoxy is discoloration of the hardener. All bets are off if the epoxy has ever been frozen.


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