New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

I though i would post some pics of our wood duck project we have been working on for about 2-weeks now (follow link below), we have made some good progress. I decided to try some different techniques like making my own puzzle joints, using 1/2" cdx for the temp bulk heads and "Lazlos" ideas for the glue up of the coaming and the install of the footpegs. 

so far so good. with any luck we can have it ready for a mid-spring paddle



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RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

This is excellent motivation for me, just got my WD12 kit yesterday! On top of that we awoke to 60 Degree weather (actually made it's way up to 70) and the ice appears to be slowly giving way - I am sure winter will have a few last laughs before spring, but what away to begin bringing another Duck into the world.

RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

Looking good. Did you forget the coaming spacers or are they coming later? I'm working on a WD12 also and Laszlo has been a big help, both here and his web page. THANKS LASZLO!! My version of Laszlo's hatch finger recess hopefully shown below or at

RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

the coaming spacers are there..they are made from 2-layers of 4-mm. i may add one more layer. but it seemed like enough to get a cover under the lip. we wont use a spray skirt but i'm going to have a cover made for transport and storage. for my hatch cover i may try a different approach (insert proprietary secret here) for that. so stay tuned.


RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

Hey guys,

That's really neat, seeing more Ducks coming into the world. And I'm really glad if my posts have helped folks out.

Jon, your "tailfeathers" are really classy and your finger joints look like a really good alternative to scarfing when building from plans. 

Thomas, your hatch hold-downs are quite the works of art. I like the way you formed the hooks from that block of wood.

In fact, both of you are quite the woodworkers.

Kbperry, welcome to the Wood Duck builders club. Post some pictures as you go along, especially when you launch it. It's a great boat, even more fun to paddle than it is to build.

You guys live close enough to Maryland to come to Okoumefest this year? Last year I was the only non-CLC builtWood Duck there. It'd be fun to have a flock.

Have fun all,


Building a Wood Duck 12

RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch


the inspiration for the transom and nose was purely accidental. i was at a woodworking suppply store picking up some items for another job when I noticed the "Lacewood" scrap in the discount for $2.00. the woodgrain looked so much like feathers i just couldnt pass it up.

 i fretted over the puzzle joint for weeks. simple really. i found an old dove tail jig and removed the finger template. i tried it out on scrap pieces of birch and luanne i had laying around the shop. i think it worked well.

i also used a laser line to set some set lines ion the panels. when i started to glue up the panels i aligned the light over the set lines again and adjusted the panel.

Thomas has some fine looking parts for his hatch hold down. very nice. i have an idea for a hatch lock that i hope will work...many needed hours of tinkering in the shop for that.

have a good boatbuilding weekend.



RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

Thanks Lazslo, I'm in Michigan but if I can swing some vacation time I would love to make my way out. I soon plan to start a second for my wife who has ever so humbley challenged me to take on the hybrid version - so we might move from Duck Flock straight on to Duck Fleet!

We have been taking several pics so as soon as we remember where we left the data cable  I will try to get some up on here.




RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

Oops?? I ordered the internal footbrace mounting kit, but part of my shipment was back ordered (that happened to include the mounting kit)... the build is going great and I just finished attaching the deck (filets and all) when it suddenly dawned on me - I didn't want to do that until after installing the footbrace studs! (which I am still actually waiting for...)

Any advice on installing these after the fact? Or at this point would I be better off cutting my losses, taking a deep breath, and drilling those atrocious holes...

I assume if I could find something to sort of wedge in there to hold their position as the epoxy cures I would still be in good shape - but I am sure that is easier said then done - if not all together wishful thinking.


RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

You don't need the holes, don't worry.

Putting the studs on before the deck is my own modification. All the CLC manuals I've seen always have the footbraces put on at the end, as part of the outfitting process. So you can definitely put them on after the deck, just not as easily.

Although, with the Duck's massive cockpit opening, it'll be a lot easier than on a Chesapeake, for example. The aft posts are just barely under the deck on my boat.

You should even still be able to glue each one in as a unit to get the perfect alignment. Turning the boat on its side will let you pretty much just put the assemblies in place with maybe some tape to hold them in place while the tacking putty cures. Just make sure they don't slip (epoxy putty is a good lubricant until it turns tacky). Once it's cured, you can put on the bedding putty and glass without worrying about the studs slipping. You will have to do each side separately, of course.

So you're fine without holes,



RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

You will be just fine getting those footpegs glued up. don't drill those holes, don't even think about it. I'm surprised that CLC has not adopted Laszlo's trick for install. It was too easy.  

on another note. "Leasons learned".

Never ever put pencil marks on your boat after fiberglass...i spent most of Saturday sanding a line I scribed for the 2" deck cloth overlay. why I did it, I dont know? maybe it was the epoxy fumes and a cold closed shop that got to me.

and the cold...I had to move the boat into the house (picture my better half with arms crossed glaring at me as I walked through the dining room with the sticky boat on my shoulder and placed it in my home office). after waiting all day to for the final coat to set up. After 3-hours in the house it was dry. A 10 degree difference from the shop to the house was all it took. 

dont drill those holes.......


RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

Thanks! Got the mounting kit Friday and they will be going in very soon - almost there!

-Going to order duck #2 this week... still considering hybrid deck but wondering about how much time this adds to the build (my ultimate goal is to have both in the water by May). Also, I have read in another forum that as a matter of ones opinion the Saple plywood deck was actually more attractive then the strip deck (not sure if I actually buy into this opinion, but I have not seen both side by side in person). Any thoughts or advice to help steer me in the right direction?

RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

For me it's not a sapele vs. strip wood thing. Instead, it's a shape thing. One of the things I really find attractive about the WD12 is its shape. In person it has a sculptural quality, with a very strong presence. A lot of this is a result of the faceted tumblehome. The hybrid, without the faceted tumblehome, doesn't strike me the same way. Your mileage may vary.



RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

I'm torn also between the hybrid and the WD12 unleaded version. after building mine from plans I would very much enjoy a hybrid version but with the same deck lines as the original.

the lines are very distinctive. for my finish i have painted the panel lines with a 1" black paint stripe which end short of the bow. and rolled the paint 1/2' over the lower side panel at the hull. the lines are so sharp and the look of the wood duck is so differnet from anything you see on the water. I know my plastic kayak freinds will drool.

new updated pics of the build

RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

At first I was having a hard time picturing the black stripes, but it looks great in the photos!

We have plenty of Kayakers arround here, but no other wood builts... (yet). I'm sure a short while after launch others will soon start to appear; it would be a welcomed site but I am sure it would inspire me to add some personal touches to future work.

 I'm still torn between the hybrid... I'll give myself until Wednesday then flip a coin.

I posted some pictures of my current Duck in progress to Flickr (link below) - next time I need to take more pics (Actually did have more but the memory card went ka-put)

RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

My choice aligns with Lazlo.  On the woodduck, the faceted deck (especially with sapele in the center) really looks good to me.  The soft curve of the hybrid just doesn't have the same appeal.  But hey, that's just my 2 cents.

 Jerry S. 

RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

No coin flip was needed. While the thought of building the strip deck seemed like a neat idea... I agree that the shape just does not seem to have the same appeal.

I just ordered WD12 kit #2 and can't wait to get started all over again!

RE: New Wood Duck-12 starting to hatch

kberry you are very motivated...2-wood ducks. i am impressed.

I think i may try a hybrid but make it with the same deck lines. I had real good luck building from plans. so i guess mine would be a wood duck 12-hybrid,hybrid?

gets some more pics posted. im on varnish coat 3, 3-more should do it. it may be a week till we are in the water.


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