Tandem version of CLC SailRig?

Is there such a thing as a tandem version of the CLC SailRig, which I wasn't able to find on the website?  If not, is it possible to order a modified, combined design that would allow me to build a CLC kit that would result in a tandem SailRig?  I also would be interested in being able to mount a pair of the Hobie Mirage drive fin units.  I did also send this as a question via the website, just thought I would ask in the forum.

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RE: Tandem version of CLC SailRig?

Look at he Kayak & Canoe Sailing Rig page. The sail rig 55 sq ft rig should fit a double kayak.

RE: Tandem version of CLC SailRig?

I've built a Sport Tandem with the latest sailrig and it is fantastic.


and some other pics here at my website which is just starting:


I moved the bulkheads in the floats and crossbeams further apart so you can get a full paddle strooke in but have now put trampolines across so we can keep it flatter and it flies along.

The larger rig is great, especially for a slightly bigger boat with 2 bods on it.

RE: Tandem version of CLC SailRig?

   Also look at the Waterlust Sailing Canoe, it has sails and a Mirage Drive.  Having owned three Mirage Kayaks, I am not a fan of adding a Mirage drive to an otherwise low drag boat.  The units themselves create a lot of drag.  For a low drag boat like an efficient tandem, you can go further and faster with much less effort by paddling.

RE: Tandem version of CLC SailRig?

   Please see my listing of the CLC tandem sail. After years of trying this is the best sailing setup for the tandem I came up with. It is fast and easy to reef(roll up) when in a blow. Call me 970 222 6812 if interested.

Regarding the Hobie Mirage drive, I had a Hobie Adventure Island which is where I got the idea of adapting its sailrig to my CLC tandem. It would be a crime to mess up the CLC low-drag tandem with that system. The added power of peddling vs paddling is great for the Adventure Island because it is like paddling a barge. Moreover, I found peddling that system was hard on my knees as it it not like a bike where you can reduce knee stress by spinning. Those flippers get caught on seaweed and I was always repairing them. 

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