Installing large Graphic on deck

I'm going to install a large vinyl graphic on my deck then varnish over it.  I just wet sanded the last coat of epoxy on deck down smooth with 220 grit, and then I'm going wash it with soap and water finally wiping it down with Interlux 202 solvent wash.

My plan is to install the graphic and let it sit for a week to air out any soapy solution that was used to apply it. Next I plan on lightly sanding the vinyl itself to rough it up then wipe it down with solvent before applying the 1st coat of varnish.

Has anyone done this before? Anyone care to share your thoughts???

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RE: Installing large Graphic on deck

I don't think anything will stick to the vinyl decals (i.e. varnish top coats), whether you scuff it or not.  It's not like rice paper graphics.  Vinyl is non-permeable.  I think the decal will have to go on top of the varnished surface.  I've had a vinyl decal on my truck since '99 and it's still going strong, even after 8 years in the Texas sun.  

At worst, I'd do a test run on some scrap and see how it fares.  Good luck!  At least you're at the end of your build and at the varnishing stage.  Just in time to enjoy it all summer...

RE: Installing large Graphic on deck

Not only is Skully right about everything he says, but depending on the solvent it may dissolve the vinyl, assuming that it survives the sanding.

Do what the Captain says and put it on top. CLC even has a video showing you how to do it.

Good luck,


RE: Installing large Graphic on deck

 One thing to consider is to use Ammoniumcloride and heat. 

Use an inverse of your vinyl to paint the Ammoniumcloride on, peel it off, then apply heat to chemically burn the graphic into the wood. See

Note, I've never done this. I'm just at the dreaming/tire kicking stage.



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