Varnish Flaws

OK, so I've put so far 4 coats of Varnish on my Hull and a few minor flaws in my epoxy/fiberglass are showing as little divots or indents.   Anything I can do about it now?



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RE: Varnish Flaws

   Call them beauty marks.

Before long, you'll be using your boat (hopefully, a lot). Inevitably it wil get lots of little scratches and dings -- not to mention transient blotches from dirt, dust, and dried-up lake water. You'll be having so much fun that you'll forget about trivial flaws . . . and no one else will ever notice them (or have the bad manners to point them out).

RE: Varnish Flaws

Thanks Birch   

I didnt think of that. I like that idea


RE: Varnish Flaws

  I agree, just accept the few blemishes.  I just got done varnishing the deck of my shearwater.  I rolled on my varnish and brushed it out, but must have missed a few spots near the stern, so the varnish has a slight orange peel affect there.  It's not really noticeable unless you know to look for it, and only if I stand a few feet from it, and at the right angle.

There are probably other spots as well, but from 6-10 ft away, it's totally fine.  Go enjoy your boat.

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