Passagemaker Dinghy - Rounding over bulkheads and seats

My first effort so I would appreciate guidance on something basic. 

Pg 36 of the Passagemaker instruction guide says to "Round over the edges of bulkheads and seats for a neat appearance".  Does that apply to all edges (e.g. around the perimeter of each), regardless of whether each edge will eventually be exposed or buried/butted in a joint?

Thank you.


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RE: Passagemaker Dinghy - Rounding over bulkheads and seats

I rounded over the edges of seat that would not be positioned against bulkheads.

I only smoothed all the other edges of all seats and bulk hears for easy handling and smoother fit except I rounded over the middle seat openings, larger limber holes.

On the bulk heads I sanded down the tabs going though the hull so they did not protrude.  

The only thing I would do different is to place bulk heads in , tack hull after wiring, take bulk heads out then glass inside bottom. It was a task to cut and fit the glass in three sections. I would also sand the bottom of the bulkheads a bit if I installed over glass as very precise fit with the pre drilled holes.   If you do three pc glass install , start at bow and stern for practice as they will be hidden, mine were a bit messy.  I did inside glassing  first and working up to outside this weekend after insalling the rub rails. If you think of any tricks to enhance construction in the meantime please share.

Hope this helps you.

RE: Passagemaker Dinghy - Rounding over bulkheads and seats

   On my PM I rounded any edge that could banged/stepped on/etc just to prevent against wood splintering off. This included sides of mast (lug), spars, edge of seats, cutout of middle bulkhead (heart shape) and rails. I used a hand held router and it worked well.

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