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I'm now ready to paint my Annapolis Wherry.  I was ready to purchase Interlux Brightside, but reading the specs I saw where this product is for 'above waterline' .  Is this still a good option for the outside of the hull or are there other options I should consider?

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RE: ready for paint

Provided that you will not be leaving your wherry in the water for days or weeks at a time, then the Brightsides paint will be fine for the entire hull. 

"Bottom" paint is used when the boat is kept on a mooring or slip.  It is formulated in a way to prevent bottom fouling, either as an ablative, or anti-fungal coating.

Please post pictures when you are done.  We love to see new boats!  - Ron

RE: ready for paint

Ron, thanks for your explanation.  I was hoping this was the case.

Since I will be 'in water' only during use I feel confident with using Brightside.  Just never hurts to double check before proceeding.

Thanks again. 


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