Re-using Last Year's Schooner Varnish?

Built my Wood Duck last June, using Schooner varnish bought from CLC.  Fine stuff, worked beautifully.  After a wonderful Summer and Fall now it's time to re-varnish the deck, where scratches from pushing the paddle under the bungies left a highway of white streaks.  I have leftover varnish but I vaguely recall John at Okumefest saying NEVER: that once the can is opened one either uses up all the varnish or or throws the rest away.  Should I just buy another can (painful in mid-recession), or is there a way to reconstitute the varnish of yesteryear?  If I must buy another can does CLC stock frugal pints, as opposed to whole quarts--of which I would in this case use only a cupful and throw the rest away?  

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RE: Re-using Last Year's Schooner Varnish?

No problem using one year old varnish that was in a well sealed can. DON"T SHAKE THE CAN! Remove any flim on the surface of the varnish, thin with 333 brushing liquid and strain through a paint/varnish strainer. SEEYA Jack

RE: Re-using Last Year's Schooner Varnish?

 I see no reason not to use the varnish if the can has been sealed and there are no lumps or crud in the varnish. Strain it for best results.

 A good trick I learned from an old signpainter ,long before I became an old signpainter, to prevent the skin on top of oil based paint and varnish is to take a deep breath and blow gently into the can just before you seal it up. This displaces the air in the can with CO2 and the skin does not form. Also remember that varnish should be"stirred, not shaken" to keep the air bubbles out of it.

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