hull abrasion damage

My trailer pads abrade the hull of my Wherry, through the paint and epoxy, with damage to the wood.  I have two challenges:  how to stop the abrading; and how to fix the damage.

Stopping the problem.  I've tried padding the pads, relocating them (just gave me more spots to repair), strapping the boat even tighter to the trailer.  Any ideas?

Repair.  I intend to add some fiberglass to help protect the wood and give me more time between repairs, provided the finished surface is smooth and doesn't show a rise due to the glass.  The question is, how much of the surface around the damage needs to be cleaned down to the wood before glassing (or not, just epoxy), then finishing back up to paint?

These scars are about 3" long, 1/2" high, and at the bottom of a strake.  I have a photo if someone can tell me how to post it.

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RE: hull abrasion damage

Before we get too far into this, what kind of trailer do you have? Is it sprung lightly enough that your boat compresses the suspension and gives a moderatrely smooth ride on bumpy roads?

RE: hull abrasion damage

Providing a photo would be great.  It really not to difficult once you figure it out.  I'll try to walk you through it.  First, you need to upload your photos to a website like or (There are many others to chose from). 

Then once they on the photo hosting site, you can add them to your posting here.  Just click the button that looks like tree at the bottom of the "Add a Reply:" window.  Paste in the link to the photo in the Image URL.  (Photo bucket provides 4 different options when you float your mouse over the photos.  Choose "direct link", it copies the link in memory.  You can then just press "Ctrl V" to paste that link in the Image URL in your posting.)  I hope this gets you closer to understanding.  We all here to help each other.  (I attached a photo of my daughter from about a year ago...just to test the procedure...)

RE: hull abrasion damage

Here's a photo of the abrasion.  Thank you, Jerry, for the directions.  The overall length of this mark is about 5 inches.

As for the trailer, it is the Trailex SUT-200-S,  While it is sprung very lightly, it probably isn't light enough for this boat.




Wherry hull abrasion

RE: hull abrasion damage

None of that picture stuff worked.

I'd say that either the chock, bunk, pad or whatever isn't sitting flat against the hull. There is sand on it. There is a lot of trailer movement. Vibration, think vibratory sander action, could be occuring from wheels that are not balanced.    

RE: hull abrasion damage

Try this: 

  1. Upload your image to somewhere like tinypic or imgur. Remember to make it public.
  2. Right click on the img > copy image address. Test the image address (URL) preferably in a different browser.
  3. In this forum, click on the image icon in the toolbar.
  4. Image Info tab > URL field > paste the URL you copied in step 2. It should look something like
  5. Type a number around 300 in the width field. Now check your image. It should look like you want, otherwise it won't post properly. Ignore the Lorem ipsom stuff and click OK.

If you don't do the bold step in 5 it won't work.

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