We've got a web page up for PocketShip.

Click on the “Construction Gallery” to see a step-by-step commentary about the design and construction of PocketShip. You'll need to enlarge the pop-up Gallery window or scroll down to read the captions that accompany each image.

Part I of the video is also on that page.

One that actually ended up looking like the drawings.

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RE: PocketShip

Neat ... really neat.  When will the plans be ready and how much will they be?


Two innovations.  One that the sailing world has waited too long for, one that we are not ready for.

The winged rudder is welcome break from a technically unjustifiable tradition--it's below waterline, so it couldn't possibly offend an old salt's eye, and from an engineering view it is pure common sense.

But using the word "comprise" correctly in a sentence was just over the top.  Innovation for its own sake.

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