We've created a bulletin board specifically for PocketShip builders.  Good place to congregate if you're in full throw on one of those, or just thinking about it.
We've gotten a lot of under-construction photos from builders and I'll try to help post them there. 

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RE: PocketShip.net

Very good idea.

Many of us will study builds and see how much room is needed as we assess our ability to build one. Also explore new ideas on finishing one to make it just a little different from others (or even the same), as we do when contemplating a certain model of kayak for building.  :-)

RE: PocketShip.net

Awesome idea, I already started my build thread there.  I can't wait to share experiences with other builders, and try to convince more people to start building one.

RE: PocketShip.net

Nice site. It'll be great to watch all the PocketShip builders having at it. I'm really looking forward to the first Okoumefest with a Pocketship fleet sailing along the Bay.

I also really like the forum software that's used over there, especially the ability to preview posts before actually posting them. The larger text area, the faster scrolling and the ability to post wider images is very nice, too. Any chance that this forum could switch over to that software?



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