PocketShip Sailing Video


Some PocketShip sailing video from last Summer and Fall:



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RE: PocketShip Sailing Video

Wow.  For once I'm speechless.  Almost.  I'm running down the hill to the gas station to buy a lottery ticket, so keep the e-store open for me just in case!

RE: PocketShip Sailing Video

Wow II. I have to admit, I've been unfaithfully spending some time over at the Glen-L site to satisfy my son's lust for horsepower. But came back to admire the Skerry (keep on getting pulled back to the Skerry) and saw this link.

Now, I've known about PocketShip and seen pictures but never bothered with the design gallery until today. I used to have a West Wight Potter 15 and stepped up to a Precision 18 which was sold last spring. The issue with the 15 was to small, the 18 was bigger but I could not launch it myself and have to tow with the van. The PocketShip appears a tad roomier than the Potter 15 and looks soooo much easier to rig/launch than the Precision 18.

anyone building one of these from a kit or plans? Would love to hear about how it is going. Will search the archives...



PS Kudos to the minions in CCL's marketing department for that video!

RE: PocketShip Sailing Video

I began my Pocketship in mid-December. You can follow the details at my blog.




RE: PocketShip Sailing Video

I started mine a few weeks ago and i'm having a great time.  I'll eventaully start a thread somewhere with pictures and updates.

RE: PocketShip Sailing Video

  Had a PocketShip kit delievered the first part of December. This is my first boat build and things are going good but a little slow. The cold weather hear in Iowa isn't helping anything this winter. Would like to hear from other people building a PocketShip.   rkschwake@mchsi.com


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