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I have a clc 17 and love it, however on long paddles I seem to have to pull my knees up to relieve back pain.  How would I go about raising the deck  enough to do this.  Ive seen Redfish kayaks that look like what I think I would have to do.

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RE: modifying deck

Well, to not answer your question (I wouldn't know the answer), I'll note that the subject of back pain while paddling comes up with some frequency. I'm not exactly immune from it. But I have noticed over the years, that as I gain flexiblity, especially in the hamstrings, hips and lower back, and strength, especially in the core muscles, my problems with back pain, in any activity, diminish.

Stretching exercises that work the hamstrings, and increases the flexibility that allows you to reach forward and touch your toes might help. Modifying your body to gain strength and flexibility is another approach and has the advantage of being beneficial in all activities. And you wouldn't have to cut up your deck:)

You may very well already be an olympic calibre gymnast and athelete, and if so,  hopefully someone else can help you with modifying your deck!


Ogata (eric)

RE: modifying deck

I agree with Ogata over figuring out the problem rather than cut up your boat.  I know that I installed a IR Whitewater back brace that has lumbar support.  And I added thigh support holding my legs up at an angle without the weight being on my feet/footpegs.  Keep in mind it is only support and I dont have them jammed in making a wet exit hard.  I also found by using a proper forward stroke using my body core instead of my arms has made most of the problems disappear.

RE: modifying deck

I would second the idea that a good program of stretching what is tight, strengthening the core, particularly lower abdominals, and sitting up straight instead of leaning back should largely relieve you problem. 

 Do you have back pain at other times.  If so see a Physical Therapist.  In the long run all the research says that modalities, massage, etc may help short term but the only thing that works in the long run is exercise.  

Of course as a PT myself I have sort of a professional bias.


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