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Several people have expressed an interest in CLC’s RC boat Independence. While John assures us the kit is coming, there are some things you can do while waiting for the model to become available. If you don’t already know about RC sailboats and sailing in general, there is a lot to learn. A good place to start is with the American Model Yacht Association (AMYA) site. www.modelyacht.org While CLC’s Independence Class isn’t listed (yet) you will find info on a lot of other classes (both race and non race) as well as information (some class specific, some not) about things like how to balance your boat, tune your boat and tune it’s rigging and sails as well as links to many other sites. The more of this you know about the easier you will find sailing your new boat. Hopefully CLC’s model will be available by the time you have worked your way through this site and learned everything it has to offer.

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