Paint tipping question

When you tip out the bubbles in Interlux paints after application with a foam roller, do you use a dry brush or do you wet the tip with paint?



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RE: Paint tipping question

Start with a wet foam brush, but not overly wet.  If you start with a dry brush you will end up with about a foot of goobered-up area until the brush gets wet and starts sliding smoothly.  Same applies to tipping out resin and varnish.  Good luck.

RE: Paint tipping question

Wetting the brush for paint and varnish is right on.....but, amazingly, when you tip out epoxy it really works better with a dry foam brush. Come in on the surface with a light touch and moving at a moderate speed and then lift off gently. Even an hour or hour and a half after applying this works well to pop the little bubbles and their is only a very small residue left on your brush which can be blotted off with a clean rag dipped in alcohol so you can use the brush again.


RE: Paint tipping question

Very timely for me, this one!   Just started painting the Ches 17LT using a foam roller and foam tipping brush.   Referring to the foam brush - do I tip from the just-laid surface back into the previous one (from a few seconds ago) or from the earlier one into the newly-rolled surface?   This marine paint seems to want to set immediately!   I am finding - close up - that there seems to be a definite vertical transition line between the two adjacent surfaces, even though I'm rolling-on only a short length of fresh paint and immediately tipping-out.   What am I doing wrong (if anything)?   BTW - thanks to whoever suggested 3M FineLine tape recently - it truly does give a razor sharp masked-off line.


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