I am interesterd in making a new kayak so I can play in the water with my grandkids-I'm thinking about the Mill Creek 16.5. I'm looking for anyone in my neigorhood who has built this one or any other kayak to be a mentor.

Thanks, hope to hear from someone


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RE: "newbee"

wel  i dont know were the neighborhood is. My sons and I buit our MC 16.5 together and had a grand time. we spent every weekend out in it last summer.

check out or blog on the build and outings...


its a fun boat to build.. easy to get in and out, kid freindly. its not a speedster but it sure is fun. we are planning on starting a Wood Duck 12 soon....  

feel free to ask for advise...its the only free thing in wooden boat building you will get.


RE: "newbee"

If you're referring to the cyberhood then you've come to the right place.  You’ll find lots of desktop mentors here with a wealth of experience and ideas to share. I launched a Mill Creek 16.5 last year.  You can see the process by clicking here. It was a fun and straightforward project.  It’s a great stable kayak to mess about in and very functional for fishing, camping or bird watching.  That being said, it’s not a sloth by any means.  With a little effort, my wife and I can leave our kids in our wake as they paddle their CH16’s.  If you’d like to discuss further feel free to drop me a line anytime at sjacobson2@cogeco.caChris

RE: "newbee" again

I posted a message looking for a mentor with hopes someone close to my neighborhood-I neglected to state my neighborhood-I live in Council Bluffs Iowa. I received a few mssages I hope to contact soon thanks for responding


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