Shearwater 14 hatch locations

A little confused; the written instructions call for the front hatch between the 3rd and 5th set of wires forward of the front bulkhead, but the locations on the plans put it farther aft by 4 or 5 inches.   If I follow the written instuctions I will literally cut away all of the sapele part of the deck on either side - is this correct?  Is the objective to cut the line all the way back to the shear panels?  (same thing for rear hatch) thanks folks. 

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RE: Shearwater 14 hatch locations

I built a shearwater 16 two years ago from a kit and the placement of the hatches resulted in the sapele parts of the deck being completely cut away.  That is, the lengthwise cuts run along the intersection of the sapele deck and the shear panels.  I would expect the shearwater 14 design to be the same.


RE: Shearwater 14 hatch locations


Here's a picture from CLC's Shearwater construction gallery (accessible from the Shearwater 14 page) that shows exactly what you're asking  about.



RE: Shearwater 14 hatch locations

Yes, the same on my 16, the sides of the hatches turn out to be cutting right down the line of the joint between the okoume and sapele.

Shearwater hatch

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