Mill Creek 16.5 Seat Cleats


I must be going blind as I cannot see a dimension anywhere for the position of the seat cleats?

The manual says refer to the plans but the plans don't give a dimension as such - I suppose I could just guestimate from the plan view (sheet 1) of the cleats in relation to the hanging knees? Surely there's a measurement somewhere but I've had a 'man' look and can't see it - can anyone enlighten me?



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RE: Mill Creek 16.5 Seat Cleats

You're right - I just worked through the same thing and couldn't find guidance other than "sit in it and figure it out."  Not bad advice actually, but here are a couple of other clues in lieu of exact measurements as mine is hanging above 2 cars in the garage right now.

1.  Place the rear seat with the back down as far as you think you'd like it to recline so that the back doesn't hit the rear bulkhead.  Center and mark accordingly.  If you haven't done the seats yet you can assemble one for this purpose with just the top and bottom brace and the hinge joints.  Take care to be sure the cleats are the proper distance apart and stay square as you epoxy them down.

2.  Forward seat I guesstimated from the plans for the placement as you suggest.

3.  If you plan on single-handing you will want to have the option of placing the rear seat farther forward, about 12" or so to keep her balanced.  This means (in my case) adding a cleat forward of the standard rear cleat location with a gap in between to accomodate the leading edge of the seat.

In my case I did not do step 1 one properly and ended up with no recliner room.  Had to chisel out a notch in the cleat to allow reclining - not the end of the world.  A photo of some of this can be found at:

Good luck, bonne chance, and buona fortuna.


RE: Mill Creek 16.5 Seat Cleats

Hey thanks for confirming my sanity Ross!

I haven't made up the seats yet but think I might, then I'll just use it to work out the best position (for reclining etc).

Thanks again for your response and the link to your build - looking good. Your colour scheme is the reverse of what mine is going to be (white hull blue stripe clear deck).


Have a good one,


South Island, NZ

(clear skies and about 30C (high 80'sF) here today! :-) 

RE: Mill Creek 16.5 Seat Cleats

Good luck and have fun.

 We got to about 30 here today as well (Delaware, US).  What a difference a couple of letters makes.


RE: Mill Creek 16.5 Seat Cleats

You guys are both right.  Locating the seat positions requires some estimating and experimenting.  Also, if you have any thoughts of installing a Row Wing (which really makes this a fun boat), you need to work the mounting blocks in amongst the seat cleats.  You need to locate the row wing so as to get the best ballance for and aft and you need the mounting blocks where they do not interfere with the seats.  Dry fit everything before any part goes in permanently.

Good Luck to all

Paul G

RE: Mill Creek 16.5 Seat Cleats

>>>>>>>Locating the seat positions requires some estimating and experimenting. >>>>>>>


The Mill Creek plans are accurate and to scale.  If you possess a ruler, you can measure the seat cleat location.  (I don't have a set of plans to hand or I'd reel off the numbers.)  At the time those plans were drawn, probably 1996, the practice of using a scale-rule was still common.  Not that long ago!  

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