Artic Hawk Build

This is my first S&G effort and it is going well.  The deck is on and I have a slight cosmetic flaw on the prow  to about 12-15 inches back. The curves are no the same fair. It is very slight but I'll have to look at it when I paddle. The hull is looking good waterline wise.   PMO...  I had one panel that was really twisted nasty and I kept massaging it during construction but I'm blaming  that piece for the flaw.  I wasn't paying attention again or I would have probably caught this.

 I'm thinking that I can  razor saw the one shear edge on the glue seam,  and push the curve into the panel, reglue, get clamp creative. Then shape/shave  the new overhang to get the fair matched more closely.  I plan to paint the hull anyway.

 I can't really see any potential for damage but my experience lacks or I would'nt be writing this..   If I do this it has to be now.  What do you all think...



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RE: Artic Hawk Build

Arctic Hawk Build

RE: Artic Hawk Build

Honestly, I wouldn't worry about fairing the hull unless it affects performance drastically.  No one else will notice the "flaw" once you're finished because they'll be in awe of the boat's general beauty.

 I personally see every flaw in my boat, but tend to think of them as characterfor the boat and things I'll learn from on my next (upcoming) build.



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