epoxy over runs

So after putting together the scarf joints on the hull panels, putting the sheer clamps and glueing these various pieces together, i 've got areas where the extruded epoxy juts out ,sometimes an eigth to almost a quarter inch. The stuff is hard as a rock! how to remove/trim it off? Will the sander do it? what grit? Will the plane do it when i plane the sheer clamps later ?

also some of the extruded epoxy at the hull panel scarfs is just hardedend but almost flush to the panel. its hardened a whitish/milky color. how to remove? should i sand it off before stitching the hull panels together? the manuel doesnt make this clear. seems like you sand after hull is more or less together and rigid. the video makes it seem you might do it before assembly. and again what grit? sorry for lenght of message! you all have been a great help so far! Michael 

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RE: epoxy over runs

The best and fastest thing for 'chunks', blobs and high spots is a Stanley Shurform shaver. It will take them right down.

RE: epoxy over runs

Use a heat gun.  Heat the blobs until they are soft then shave them off with a sharp tool.

RE: epoxy over runs

Shinto rasp goes through blobs like a hot knife through butter.



RE: epoxy over runs

If it is mostly the stuff on the sheer clamp, don't worry about it, when you use the plane to shape your sheer clamps it will take the glue off with no problem.  For the scarf joints I like the control I get with a course grit paper on a long board sanding block usually used for auto body work.  Also found a new tool from SharkSaw that is a compination sanding block and file.  The cutting surface is reversible with two different sets of teeth.  The best way to describe the thing is like a short wide file.  I find it handy in all sorts of situations for material removal.

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