3D CAD Model of Chesapeak Double?

Last year my son and I built a Chesapeak Double. This past fall he and his girlfriend dropped it while loading it onto our SUV. We now have the rudder mount and scratches repaired.

It's become apparant, a trailer would be a better choice for hauling & launching it. I intend to design an build one this winter yet. I was wondering if by any chance, someone has gone through the effort of modeling the hull in a 3D CAD software?

I intend to make an Aluminum trailer that can be folded up and stored in the tow vehicle.



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RE: 3D CAD Model of Chesapeak Double?

Just out of curiosity, what would you gain from the cad model?  You just want tighter tolerances for your fit?


I believe there are several folding trailer designs out there some even on this site, somewhere, that might be good to start from and remove any necessity for the cad model. 


RE: 3D CAD Model of Chesapeak Double?

Most trailers I've found are not compact. For those of us with limited storage space, a trailer which can fold to fit into a car trunk would be perfect. I am an Engineer at a company that designs trailer products. So, I know the trailer I'm planning is possible.

The CAD model is just a starting point. Eventually I will most likely expand the design to adjust to other crafts.

RE: 3D CAD Model of Chesapeak Double?

I must misunderstand what you mean by compact because the models I've seen are designed to fold up and fit inside the kayak for storage... which is generally pretty compact.  They may necessitate parts removal to do that, I don't know.  I just made my boat light enough to carry relatively comfortably (at least for now).


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