Another Wood Duck Launched!

I put my Wood Duck 12 in the water today...first time I've ever been in a kayak...what a kick!

My paddle won't be delivered until tomorrow so I used a canoe paddle...couldn't wait...but worked just fine.

My little lake is only about 3 acres and I can get from one end to the other in a big hurry in this little boat.  Can't wait until I can get in some real water and we have a lot of it Charleston.

Old dogs can learn new tricks.  I'm 70 but for a few minutes I was a little kid again.

Would post pictures but was stumped when it asked for the URL.  Guess I'll have to set up an account somewhere.

Thanks to Laszio and others who helped along the way.


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RE: Another Wood Duck Launched!


I live in Charleston (Mt. Pleasant) as well and am building a WD12.  Have completed to sanding and finishing and look forward to getting her out.  If your paddle does not make it, you are welcome to borrow mine to give yours a true test.




RE: Another Wood Duck Launched!


 Best of luck with your Wood Duck.  It is truly a great boat, and I am really enjoying mine.  Although, at -24 degrees this morning, mine will be spending a lot of time in the garage until breakup.

Have fun paddling!

Dan Kehlenbach

Anchorage, AK 

RE: Another Wood Duck Launched!


Congratulations on your completion. I'm glad that you enjoyed your first paddle so much. They really are great boats for knocking around in. Do post some pictures when you get a chance. If youu need a place to host one or two, let me know.

Have fun,



PS - Dan, you've got my sympathies. I hope the long days in summer make up for it.

RE: Another Wood Duck Launched!

I always thought the long nights in Alaska made up for the cold temps... lots of time for being close to loved ones... you know?


RE: Another Wood Duck Launched!

On the bright side, the darkest day (12/21) is behind us.  We start gaining daylight now with each passing day.

 We had a high of -5 today.  Can't complain - the high in Fairbanks today was forecasted to be a chilly -43 !!!!

Looking forward to breakup!!!!


Anchorage, AK 

RE: Another Wood Duck Launched!

Just to help those of us who are temperature conversion challenged, above he said that the forecast for Fairbanks was -43. Just for your info, -40 F = -40 C.

How about that!

Hope you enjoy your WD12, I have the few times I have been able to get it out.


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