I am going to start my bevels tomorrow on my Shearwater 17and have not seen much posted on the Forum regarding this. How critical is it to get the bevel exact or is there room for error. My wife has an engineer type mind and is convinced they have to be just right while I told her you can be off some and it will not matter too much. Thanks

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RE: Beveling

It would be nice to be perfect but it's not highly critical. You will need to round over the keel and chines when you do finish sanding of the hull before glassing. If the angle is too sharp, the glass won't follow it. So perfectly beveled, knife-edge joints are going to be sanded out round anyway. In class at CLC I think they recommended rounding over edges to about the radius of your little finger. The Shearwater uses lighter 4 oz. glass in mulitple layers though so you might be able to get away with a somewhat tighter radius than that. The hull put together here:

appears to have been assembled with quite tight radius on the chines and keel, and looks good. If you err, it would be better to slightly over-bevel on the inside of the joint since it will be filled with epoxy/wood flour and glassed over with tape anyway. The bevels on my Shearwater were only close enuf for guvment wurk.


Ogata (eric)

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