Woodduck 12 varnish/fineline tape problem

I painted the bottom of my Woodduck, up to the deck.

So I placed fineline tape on the Sapele deck prior to painting.  Having finished the bottom, I put the first coat of varnish on the deck today.

I noticed a few minutes ago after the varnish has dried, despite prior to varnishing having attempted to remove all the tape residue with Goo Gone, light sanding, wipe down with Interlux 333, that it is clearly evident where the tape was.  It is actually darker than the rest of the deck.

 I can, of course, sand everything off and start again, but I'm wondering if anyone else has seen this problem...and what you did to fix it.


 Allan Hobgood

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RE: Woodduck 12 varnish/fineline tape problem


Was the wood darker before you applied the varnish? If so,  I'm thinking that it's light bleaching of the rest of the deck, not residue. In the picture below of my WD12 under construction, that dark wedge on the right going from the cockpit to the former on the bottom of the deck is an area that was covered while the rest was exposed to sunlight. Sapele seems to be a lot more sensitive to sun bleaching than okoume.

In my case, when I applied the glass to the bottom of the deck (which, BTW, was not called for in the plans in case you wonder why you didn't spot that step in the manual), the whole deck darkend up to a uniform color.

If it's not bleaching, then I'd say sanding (as well as applying a new thin coat of epoxy all over) might be the best way to go.



RE: Woodduck 12 varnish/fineline tape problem


 That makes pefect sense...I am building in my garage, sun in most of the day, tape on for several days...and there is no other logical answer.

So, I have to decide whether to sand down and epoxy again, or to go ahead with varnishing and live with it.

I'm inclined to proceed. It is a boat afterall, and I want to get it in the water.

Maybe over time the sun will smooth it out...or maybe not.

 Thanks for your help,



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