Substituting epoxies

Been working on my MC13 for a while but got sidetracked.  Ended up using most of my epoxy up on some other projects.  While I plan on getting some more of the same stuff to finish the boat with, a fellow builder/friend gave me some of his remainder to continue on with.  While that was generous on his part, it is Standard System Three and I have been using the Silver Tip.  I don't want to use his epoxy on my deck and coaming etc. but wondered if it would be suitable and (most importantly) adhere and cure to the existing work on the interior portions of the boat.  Could it be used  for , say, doing my end-pours and the like?     Thanks for any input.    Dean

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RE: Substituting epoxies


Standard S3 is just fine as long as the Silver Tip has completely cured. You'd only get into trouble if you were trying to mix them before they cured. I've mixed and matched them on a couple of boats (going both ways) with no trouble. The usual precautions about surface preparation (cleanliness, sanding, etc.) apply.



RE: Substituting epoxies

Thanks Lazlo............that pretty much confirms what I suspected.

RE: Substituting epoxies

In fact, it is good to remember that cured epoxy, regardless of the brand, is chemically inert and insoluble.  It doesn't bond chemically to much of anything that you're likely to have around the house.  So cured epoxy basically doesn't care what you put on it.  If there is some "tooth" or roughness to the surface to form a mechanical bond, it doesn't matter what brand of epoxy (or varnish, or paint)  you are putting on, it will work fine.  If there is no tooth for a good mechanical bond, then even using identical epoxy formulation won't help.

Laszlo is the expert--the above is just what I've gleaned from the web over the years--so I'm counting on him to correct me if I've over-pontificated.


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