How much more epoxy?

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I'm ready to glass the hull and deck on my WD12 and I have about 1 quart of resin, 1 pint of hardener left. How much more do you think I will need? I also have the coaming to do.

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RE: How much more epoxy?

Thomas, I think you might want to get a bit more. It'll take most of that for the glass, including filling the weave, and probably close to a cup of mix for the coaming. You're going to just make it or miss it, depending on your skill level.

Having extra doesn't hurt. You'll be needing it for repairs, anyway, and it lasts for years.



RE: How much more epoxy?

Thanks Laszlo. I figured I would need more, I just didn't know if I should buy a quart or a half gallon. So you think a quart should be plenty? Do you think the quart I have will be enough to wet out and fill the hull (skill level = 0) or should I wait for brown Santa to bring me more? I can't find the stuff locally. Epoxy made by Phoenix Resins can't be found in Phoenix, AZ, go figure.


RE: How much more epoxy?


You should be able to at least wet out the glass with what you have. Between the leftovers from that and a new quart, you should be fine if you're careful (and have no spills, etc.). The fillets & the initial wetting out are the real epoxy hogs. Just don't get into the trap of puting down a bumpy thick fill layer and then sanding it all off again. It's better to use more very thin layers than just a few thick ones.

Good luck, 


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