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I have a question.  I want to paint a kayak that I'm building and I have been going through various forums for advise.  Do you paint then glass or do you glass then paint.  I suspect the best application would be to paint the hull prior to glassing and the only reason I would go this route is because in a year or so when I come back to refinish the polyurethane coat I do not damage the painted surface.  I would like to hear from others that have painted there boats.



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RE: When to Paint


Glass first, then paint. Epoxy over paint on wood is not a structural bond. Even if the epoxy bonded well to the paint, the shearing stresses would eventually make the paint fail and the glass would start peeling off. So always glass first, then paint or varnish.

Note also that if you glass first, the paint will protect the epoxy from UV and you won't need that polyurethane coat you mention. Lighter boat, cheaper materials cost, faster build.

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RE: When to Paint

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RE: When to Paint

Guy,  I picked you up on a different string where I noticed you were scratch building a Sea Island Sport.

I was wondering how that's going.  I'll be starting one next week and wondered if you have any tips.

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