My son would like to paint a large, multi-colored design on the deck of his soon to be completed kayak. I am hoping that, rather than buy many cans of expensive boat paint, there may be other types of paint that would be suitable. It would also be good if the finished artwork could be clearcoated with varnish so that the artwork didn't have to be recreated when recoating is necessary.


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RE: artwork

You don't mention whether the deck has been glassed already? I'd think it would be better to put the artwork underneath the glass so that it would be better protected from damage and refinishing. If the glass is already on, you could still apply the art, then cover it with another layer of thin glass at the cost of some extra weight and work. I did that with a small piece of rice paper art that I had simply forgotten to apply before I layed the deck glass on my CH17LT. It worked out fine, but was a fairly small (6x6 inches or so) design.

 Applying art that will go underneath the glass and epoxy might require a test to make sure that the materials you are using are compatible with epoxy.


Ogata (eric) 

RE: artwork

Mornin'; stated it would be best to do the artwork prior to fiberglassing. This is how I did mine. I used inexpensive water based stain for the colors. To keep the colors from "wicking" across the design lines on the plywood, I first lightly scored the design lines with a scapel. This slightly seperated the fibers, making a nice clean line between colors and prohibited the stain from wicking into unwanted areas. Then fiberglass and varnish as usual.

RE: artwork's a pix of my Chesapeake


...and another example, but using Pyrography instead(woodburning). This was done using a cheap $9 woodburner. This project isn't finished yet, so I'm unsure of the final result after fiberglassing.

jack black

RE: artwork

Here is a cool idea that I saw on the web (I think it was a CLC builder), print on white (or clear as you can find) tissue paper, it will go clear when you epoxy it.  Set under the layer of fiber glass the edge will dissappear.  I used this with a simple black and white logo on my boat.  I have not tried a colour version, but should work, you will want to use a laser printer though so the ink does not run.  To run the tissue paper through the printer, tape the top edge to normal piece of paper and use the manual paper feed so that you have a straight paper path.


Happy Paddling

RE: artwork

Decoupage would be the art using the fine 'tissue' paper.  Otherwise known as rice paper.  A search will get you many responses.


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