Teak rubrails for a PMD?

I've been given a bunch of teak 1x1's, enough to make the rubrails for the PMD I'm building from plans. I haven't bought mahogony for the rails yet. Can I cut the teak down to 1/2" x 1" and use it for the rails? My concerns are:

1. Will teak take epoxy well (for scarfing and for bonding to the hull)?

2. How should I protect the teak: epoxy, or some kind of oil?

3. Anything I'm missing?

Thanks & happy holidays

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RE: Teak rubrails for a PMD?

The teak should take epoxy just fine.  I'd protect it just like everything else, epoxy and varnish (you're not painting teak are you???  please tell me no).

Teak is going to be harder than the mahogany so it will wear your tools down faster.  For planing keep your cutting edge nice and sharp.  Teak works nicely and produces wonderful results.  It adds a wonderful accent to boats too.


RE: Teak rubrails for a PMD?

Thanks Frank,

Don't worry, I won't paint the teak. My brother, the teak donator, would kill me :) I'm going to varnish the top on both sides, and am wondering what would look best next to that: varnished teak, or unvarnished, with that grayish color like you see on some sailboat decks.  I suspect the varnished teak would look nicer.

Thanks for the insight,


RE: Teak rubrails for a PMD?

Personally I prefer the "fresh look" especially if it's just going to be on one part.  If one part looks weathered and the rest doesn't it seems "off" to me.  Personal opinions vary though, and since it's your boat, do what you like with it.  Lord knows other people look at my boats and often ask very pointed questions about them.  IE "Why'd you do that?"


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