Oil and epoxy

I've just embarked on a project to restore an 8 foot wooden pram.  Its in amazingly good condition for a 15 year old boat.  I want to glass the hull to ensure watertightness and there seems to be an oil stain of some sort at bow.  I know epoxy and oil don't mix, but what can I do?  Any ideas??

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RE: Oil and epoxy

Maybe a wash with a solvent (to get the oil out of the wood), soap & water (to getthe solvent & oil out) and then a final couple of washes with denatured alcohol (to get the residues from everything out)?

Alternatively, if it's a surface stain only, sanding.



RE: Oil and epoxy

You should try an oil absorbant cleaner that is used to leach oil from your garage floor. One name brand is Pour 'n Restore. It is a liquid with some sort of floculant in it so it has a consistency like Cream of Wheat. You spread it on the area and let it dry. As it dries it draws the oil out  of the substrate and into the floculant. Once dry it becomes a oil filled, but dry, powder that can be vacuumed up. I've had good results cleaning oily bilges in wooden sailboats with this type of product. Check your local hardware or Home Depot.

RE: Oil and epoxy

I second that, epoxymoron.  In fact, in some cultures, floculance is considered good manners, a way of saying to the hostess, "My, that was a delicious bowl of Cream of Wheat!"

One safety note: At this time of year, with propane burners going full blast in the workshop, one should be careful to minimize the amount of floculant in the diet.

RE: Oil and epoxy

I was going to sugest using TSP, but I'm laughing to much from Camper's input.

RE: Oil and epoxy

Just avoid his floculant output.

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