champlain-hudson sojourn

Been a while since I posted, but I going through the canoe and kayak gear guide 2009  issue and saw something that looks pretty interresting.  Between the dates of June 24 and july 19, as part of Lake Champlain's 400 anniversary, there is going to be a trek from the Canadian Boarder to Manhattan.  The add said it's about 325 miles through Lake Champlain, Champlain Canal, and the Hudson River.  There's not much info up yet on the various sites, but I'm definately planning on trying to do at least part of this in my Chesapeake 17.  Not sure how much time work will let me take during that time frame.  Thought I"d post here and let people know.  Would be cool to get a bunch of CLC boats to show up.

 Hopefully these links will work:

Hope they put up more info soon about how to register for this event and such.

See ya on the water,


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RE: champlain-hudson sojourn

I agree, this would be absolutely great to participate in.  But, knowing my limits, I don't think I could get enough time from work or that my paddling skills are up to 26 days.  At the very least, I'd love to participate in a portion of the trip, maybe a weekend.  Let me know when and where you would participate, maybe we can meet up and get a few others to bring some CLC boats.


RE: champlain-hudson sojourn

Wonder if we could get a relay team going - pass the CLC burgee...

I'd love to get my yet to be built/bought Skerry on Lake Chamlain.


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