Epoxy Brand Issues

When I ran low on System 3 epoxy during my MC16.5 project I was in a big hurry to get more.  In my haste I ordered MAS instead of System 3.  The Mas worked fine, but now I am left with a little System 3 in the bottoms of the jugs (to little to pump without getting air bubbles) and half full MAS bottles.  Can I combine the two brands into one epoxy bottle and one hardner bottle?

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RE: Epoxy Brand Issues

No. They use different chemistries.

If there's too little to pump, use measuring cups instead.


RE: Epoxy Brand Issues

I'm with Lazslo.  There was a period in 2004-2005 when they seemed to work, but the chemistries of the two competing brands have wandered off from each other.  I wouldn't risk it.  Measuring cups will allow you to use up 90% of the remaining liquid gold. 

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